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iPayX Pure and Simple service is an iPayX merchant banking service backed by one of the largest card processors in the world. Since iPayX specializes in bill payment, we understand your business environment and can target a low rate to suit your specific needs.

Explain the Pure and Simple rate.

The iPayX Pure and Simple rate is a straightforward percentage of each transaction except for chargebacks. Consequently you know exactly what you’re paying for card authorization and settlement services. Compare this to competitors who may quote a low interchange rate then refer to pages of a qualification matrix that varies rates based on the type of card used, like, reward cards, business cards, etc. and whether ASV/CVV (address and validation code checking) has been implemented.  Then examine the possible add on fees, such as (and we aren’t kidding), Per Item Fees, Access fees, Network Fees, NABU, NTW ATH APF-CR, APF-DB, CVC2 Fee, Global ATL, Debit Network Fee, Data Breach Fee, Fixed Network Fee, Supply & Warranty, PCI DSS Non-Compliance Fees, Cross Border Fees, Fixed ACQ Network Fee, Monthly Account Fee, Quarterly Account Fee, Annual Account Fee and Association Fees. In other words, sometimes redundant and unnecessary fees that can turn a low advertised rate into a monster rate that empties your pockets.

iPayX blends fees and reduces them into one flat rate that is typically much lower than you pay for merchant banking now. As a result, we also produce a merchant account statement that is easy to read and understand.

What are “Important Bundled Security Services” ?

Every merchant is responsible for meeting certain PCI DSS standards, such as completing an annual SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire), performing a quarterly network scan by a qualified vendor, maintaining a card processing security policy and training your employees about that policy and card handling procedures. iPayX includes that PCI service as part of the Pure and Simple rate.

In addition, iPayX offers a card cloaking service that eliminates Target-like breaches. Card cloaking is supported by several of the world’s largest device vendors, such as MagTek. Card cloaking is a technique known as DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction). DUKPT may completely eliminate network scanning and workstation integrity as a PCI DSS issue and may lower your cyber, fraud or general business insurance rates, as well. Card cloaking, may also be combined with card fingerprinting. Card fingerprinting is a method to detect when the magstripe on a card has been cloned. It’s another way iPayX brings important security services to your daily business activities.   

What about card swipe devices?

iPayX offers card swipe readers of many different styles including devices that meet emerging EMV (Euro/MasterCard/Visa) device standards and support card cloaking and card fingerprinting. iPayX can also help with setup and deployment and will pre-certify and configure each device before shipping to you for installation.

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iPayX (Internet Payment Exchange, Inc.) provides payment systems, electronic document delivery, and associated customer service solutions that complement and maximize a company’s internal systems and resources. Our technology services are found in hundreds of businesses including healthcare providers, utility companies, wholesale distributors, municipal governments, service providers and other organizations in 47 states. We annually process over a billion dollars in electronic payments.

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