Commercial Payment Services

iPayX provides online payment services to a host of commercial industries and businesses, including healthcare providers and services, treasury departments, insurance companies, wholesalers, and more. Advanced eBilling procedures will provide a wide range of benefits and tools to the organization who utilizes them. Some examples of these benefits:

- Take credit for ‘Going Green’ as a business

- Increased customer satisfaction

- Automatic posted payments

- Email reminders to payees for timely payments

- Reduced DSO – leading to better cash flow reporting

- Cash savings on paper, envelopes, and postage



iPayx Solutions for Business to Business & Business to Consumer

XprsPay PayNow Service

An affordable, entry-level online payment service featuring Web PayNow for customers and a virtual terminal to accept credit card and eCheck payments over the phone or at point-of-service.

XprsPay B2B

An advanced online payment service featuring an electronic billing platform to facilitate the delivery, viewing and payment of invoices between business partners.  This service includes short payment dispute tracking to expedite problem resolution, EDI file support, ad hoc and management reporting and full customer service support to decrease administrative work and payment lag time.

XprsPay B2C

An advanced online payment service featuring Enrollment and PayNow portal access for customer payments, paperless eBill delivery and robust management reporting to help businesses manage consumer based billing.  This service is available in modules and can be configured to suit various business models and size.

Case Studies of Electronic Billing Within a Commercial Environment

 Wholesale Distributor

A major independent wholesale distributor of security products implemented iPayX’ XprsPay B2B to provide their customers with electronic billing options through an established customer portal. They also needed all payments taken by customer service agents to be provided in a single file for posting to their billing system. This included Point of Service (POS) payments as well as payments taken over the phone.

Within two months they were processing $1.4 million in electronic payments and the volume continues to grow monthly at a 50% rate. They have achieved a significant reduction in customer service time, increased cash flow, and took a big step toward ‘going green’! Additionally, invoices are emailed the day after product shipment and customers can click and pay ahead.


Government eDelivery & Payment Service - Property Tax

County governments are now taking credit card payments online & offer eServices with iPayX’ XprsPay. Our eDelivery & Payment Service helps governments in collecting property taxes from their residents and meets the needs of a new, state sponsored, electronic delivery program to accept payments at no cost to the county. The websites are created by iPayX and include support for the county agents and treasurer who will handle exceptions and reconcile deposits. The service handles both eCheck and credit/debit cards and provides an easy to implement service.

- Residents who register for ‘Green” electronic delivery will receive their tax bill via email ‘push’ (attached to an email)

- Payments are accepted, verified for accuracy and automatically posted

- Residents may also, view their tax bill online and request a copy of the payment receipt at any time. Receipts are delivered via email

- An email reminder is sent if the resident chooses to pay their tax bill in two installments


Business to Consumer (B2C) – Utility Company

A Southern non-hazardous waste management firm was looking for an eServices vendor who could perform electronic delivery direct from a bank’s bill pay system. (Note: this requires a vendor who has clearinghouse sponsorship, which iPayX has). After careful review of all the criteria needed, iPayX was able to successfully manage this company’s electronic billing needs. With a tactical plan and strategy, their customer service agents now use a single system to process payments over the phone or over the counter. Within a few months, the company was placing 50,000 statements online for customer viewing and collecting more than 10,000 payments per month - in excess of $2 million. This twenty percent payment adoption rate decreased customer service agent costs, as well as DSO. The electronic delivery of invoices resulted in a $9000 per month savings in paper, envelopes and postage with paper mail.


Business to Business (B2B) - Insurance

A national insurer that offers group plans to businesses has experienced great success with iPayX’ XprsPay B2B. They have already achieved 66% enrollment in online delivery and a 21% payment adoption rate. This experience has led them to recently upgrade their functionality to include the following features as well – Email delivery with courtesy copies, short pay comments and tracking, ad hoc query & failed email and file tracking, presentment of both statement & daily balances, as well as extended document management.

See how an iPayX XprsPay Solution could improve your bottom line.

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iPayX (Internet Payment Exchange, Inc.) provides payment systems, electronic document delivery, and associated customer service solutions that complement and maximize a company’s internal systems and resources. Our technology services are found in hundreds of businesses including healthcare providers, utility companies, wholesale distributors, municipal governments, service providers and other organizations in 47 states. We annually process over a billion dollars in electronic payments.

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