When Innovation Borrows from the Past

History likes to repeat itself. Often times old methods, practices or techniques are made new again with the help of modern technology, an advanced culture and new paradigms.

We see this happening in healthcare right now. The infrastructure of our country's healthcare system is struggling to serve our contemporary society with the same value that was originally intended. With no silver bullet in sight, hospitals and providers are exploring innovative ways to address a multi-faceted situation.

Applying sophisticated technology to concepts borrowed from decades ago, new practice models are taking shape.

Making House Calls

It's called a Concierge Provider now, but the idea is the same - a doctor on retainer, available and on-call 24/7 who will come to you when you need them.  This model is appealing to providers who seek alternatives to the traditional reimbursement process, as well as patients who want to be able to call on and reach their doctor at any time, on any day.  This model is well supported by applications like Skype, FaceTime, Smartphones and digital health/fitness tracking devices, which can connect providers to their patients for virtual  diagnosis and treatment.

Bridging Gaps in Population Health

Hospitals borrow from this same concept with the emergence of Telehealth initiatives, aiming to deliver quality care to every corner of the patient population.  Facing aggressive new requirements from the government that re-align reimbursement with quality of care, hospitals want to proactively engage the general population to improve health conditions overall.  Telemedicine aims to bring healthcare services directly to patients in the community, without requiring a physical trip to the hospital and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are designed to make patients an active participant in their own health and wellness.

Connecting the Dots

Bringing healthcare services directly to the patient and enlisting them in the ongoing effort to improve health requires sophisticated tools.  Technology connects providers and patients not just to each other, but to the information that's critical to a healthy outcome.  Leveraging the right technology at the right time is important to continue the new momentum in forming a patient-centric system.  From both a patient and provider perspective, access to information needs to be convenient, accurate and completely secure.

What "Bigger Picture" do you see making a major impact in your industry?

In talking with our own clients about the future and changes they are looking to make in the next several years, we see a "bigger picture" strategy taking shape, which includes enhancing mobility, accessibility, security and connectivity across the entire spectrum of business.  In our position, the financial side to this picture looks promising... exciting even, considering all of the possibilities for delivering convenience and efficiency, relative to payment management.  

At iPayX, our "bigger picture" includes expanding payment services to reach consumers in a meaningful way and forging new paths to integrate with innovative technology.  We are so excited for the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead and look forward to watching the interesting ways in which history just might repeat itself.

What changes is your organization planning in the next year?

iPayX offers a comprehensive online pay service with user-centric features that can integrate at varying levels with existing software to improve overall performance. In addition to payment & billing tools, iPayX provides a Pure and Simple merchant processing solution that can reduce costs of payment acceptance with a simple, fixed rate pricing model. 


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