Making Things Better: Digital Tools & Consumer Behavior

iPayX continues to explore Making Things Better: A series that examines the challenges of self pay collection and various paths to creating a complete network of consumer centric communication and care.

Making Things Better:  Digital Tools & Consumer Behavior

A recent survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice reports that over half of respondents rate digital tools as an important factor when choosing a health care provider.

The advancement of digital applications in healthcare is driven by several factors that are critical to the growth and sustenance of our national healthcare system. The demand generated by a growing population who want these tools, in addition to the providers' need to reduce costs associated with the business of healthcare, are powerful forces in moving the needle towards large scale acquisition and deployment of virtual services and engaging software.

It remains to be seen how effective certain applications will be in attracting and engaging the people they are intended to reach.  Conceptually, these tools should bring great value and a new level of care for the consumer.

Greater Accessibility

Electronic Health Records, Patient Portals, Tele-medicine...the idea is to bring health information direct to the patient, wherever they are, whenever they want it.  The hospital or physician will offer these tools to foster deeper engagement with their patients and align themselves to provide better treatment for a better outcome. On the receiving end, patients want the modern convenience of smart, mobile applications to fit their lifestyle.  

The business of healthcare is becoming more competitive in ways that the industry hasn't directly confronted before.  Millenials are now "shopping" for healthcare with a specific list of expectations and interests in mind.  This group in particular accounts for an estimated $2.45 trillion in combined purchasing power, so providers must position themselves with the best tools and technology to successfully compete and grow in the marketplace.

The long-lasting effects of digital tools may change the way patients receive care and how they choose a health care service provider. These applications should include features that deliver true value. 

More Usability

Organizations invest in software and digital applications hoping for instant traction, but getting patients to enroll and interact with an EHR or Patient Portal is proving to be a challenge.  Which raises the question, if these tools are in high demand, why aren't more people using them?

Creating Awareness - One issue that surveys have identified is a simple lack of awareness.  Do people know about the digital tools available to them?  Is the practice or hospital promoting and encouraging the use of the service?  Is it clearly stated what actions can be accomplished and the kind of data that can be accessed?  

User-Centric Design- As with any system designed for consumers, the interface should be intuitive.  Is the application easy to access and use? Does it work in delivering the service and convenience it is intended to?  Is it connected to other systems or activities relevant to the scope of the user experience?

How Can We Make This Better?

From our perspective, creating payment channels that connect with consumers where they want, when they want and how they want is central to the design of an effecitve collection strategy.  In a broader sense, the presence of EHRs, Patient Portals and TeleMedicine expands the scope for connecting across new channels. Since financial settlement is a key component to the patient experience and an aspect of health information that they want more access to, our approach involves weaving these things together.  

How does your organization plan to improve adoption rates for your digital tools?


In our commitment to Making Things Better, iPayX offers a comprehensive online pay service with user-centric features that can integrate at varying levels with existing software to improve overall performance.  In addition to payment & billing tools, iPayX provides a Pure and Simple merchant processing solution that can reduce costs of payment acceptance with a simple, fixed rate pricing model.  

How can iPayX help Make Digital Tools Work Better For You?


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