Making Things Better

At its core, iPayX is an innovative company, driven by the growing needs of our customers. This past year we've developed new enhancements and features for our electronic payment hub that are in direct response to the growing security risks in digital payments and the changing landscape that consumerism in healthcare continues to create. In striving to make things better for our customers, we offer solutions that address problems at their source.

As this week ushers in the end of one year and the beginning of another, we take a retrospective look at the events that helped define our year and cast an optimistic glance towards what's in store for 2015.

A Look Back: 2014

This was a big year for SECURITY, as new and growing concerns for cyber-hacking followed massive data breaches across the country. Retail giants like Target and Home Depot were among those impacted, as well as restaurant chains, health systems and very recently, even Hollywood's own Sony productions. These incidents have generated wide-spread awareness across both consumers and merchants, each seeking alternative methods for protecting themselves and their card payment data. iPayX continues to hold the highest level of PCI certification and offers the most secure payment environment with services like ValutaPort, which combines card cloaking, EMV and advanced tokenization that safeguards credit card data throughout the entire transaction. This service not only protects the consumer, but also protects the merchant from fraud liability and removes networks from PCI Scope.

Going MOBILE was a hot ticket this year as well. Statistics indicate tablets and smartphones are replacing PCs and snail mail as the preferred payment options amongst consumers. Adoption rates for online bill payment continue to rise and businesses are recognizing the value of collecting payments through self-service portal tools. iPayX offers multi-channel payment options and functionality that appeal to consumers. We also help drive payments online with features like Wowzer, an intelligent QR code that when scanned by a mobile device, instantly transports the user to the payment portal profile.

What's Next: 2015

The COUNTDOWN is on: EMV liability shift goes into effect in October, 2015. Impacting any merchant taking card payments and redefining the financial responsibilities for when credit card fraud occurs, the new EMV rules are creating a lot of buzz and action. The major card associations are driving this initiative, which is already implemented in several countries around the world. As education and awareness of the EMV liability shift grows, new paths to securing the payment ecosystem will likely take form. Concepts like the INTERNET OF THINGS may also be a big influencer in 2015, as enterprise organizations (especially those in the healthcare space) seek opportunities to create tighter INTEGRATION across networks and systems, CONNECTING independent business activities and forming STREAMLINED and EFFICIENT workflows that deliver a broader consumer experience. Towards this effort, health systems and providers will choose partners that offer best-in-class products and services that are configurable to their needs.

Our Resolution: Always

iPayX is committed to the simple goal of Making Things Better. In 2014, we learned more about the new payment patterns in healthcare and how many organizations are trying to bridge the gap across divergent systems to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. In the new year, we will continue to seek opportunities to integrate our multi-channel payment hub in ways that enhance the value and performance of existing software platforms - to make collecting, reporting and security of payments, better.

In thanks, we celebrate our customers who have inspired our vision and continue to drive iPayX towards Making Things Better.

Happy New Year!

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