IVR Picks Up AI Capabilities

Just when you thought Pay-by-Phone was yesterday's news you find that not only are people using it (in large numbers) but that it is acquiring a couple of AI (Artificial Intelligence) traits. Let's examine first why people use it:

  1. It's private - Eliminates embarrassing discussions with an agent
  2. It's secure - Eliminates fear of Internet disclosures or malicious software
  3. It's easy - Q&A interactive progression through the transaction is simple to perform
  4. It's device independent - No Smartphone, tablet or PC required

Of course a business should be using it because it's less expensive than agents handling payments, eliminates PCI DSS compliance and is available 24 x 7. In iPayX case, the service is usage based so there isn't any reason not to offer it to your patients or customers. In some cases up to 16% of healthcare self-pay volume comes from pay-by-phone. Now with a few tweaks, including a bit of AI, even more savings may be gained.

Tweaks that produce results:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transfer to an Agent
  • Setup a Payment Plan
  • Payment Up-sizing

OK, I understand Balance Inquiry and Transfer to an Agent but how do you use Pay-by-Phone to Setup a Payment Plan? That's where the AI comes in. Let's say a patient owes a $1,900 bill and calls in to make a $200 payment. Seeing this, the Pay-by-Phone service can check business rules and ask if the payer would like to setup that payment monthly. If the response is no, it may ask if the payer wants to setup some other amount monthly. Then using payment plan software available from iPayX it establishes the plan and provides email, Text or Call Me notifications about payments being automatically processed. Scripts may be added to recognize accounts with payment plans and support changes or stop a plan without transferring to an agent. In this case the Pay-by-Phone services might suggest a 10 month plan at $200 a month with a final payment of $100. Those plan suggestions may be changed to match the payee's best practices.

Now what about Payment Up-Sizing? That's another AI feature that can help accelerate revenue. Using the $1,900 bill in the previous example, let's say the payer declined the payment plan option. So the service might ask if they'd like to pay $250 instead of $200. The service would advise that that the bill would be paid off 2 months quicker. That would free-up $250 a month that could be applied to other bills, placed into savings or made available for discretionary spending. And so another activity becomes automated while placing little demand on the payer.

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