Finding the Right Electronic Billing Solution


The complexities of billing are not unique to an industry.  Utility companies, wholesale distributors and health systems all serve a customer base with specific needs, challenges and profiles.  What these organizations do have in common is the need for a billing process that serves both the bottom line and consumers' needs equally well.  

Our experience in working with Commercial B2B, B2C and Healthcare has taught us that billing complexities vary, especially with a large customer base, multiplex account structure or disparate accounting software systems across many entities.  However, mastering e-invoicing – including everything from bill presentment, self-service accessibility and customer profile activation – can be accomplished with the right solution, from the right partner.

Making the choice to implement a new billing system, or invest in enhancements to an existing platform can be daunting.  Here are some thoughts to consider when evaluating the needs of your business and the capacity of the electronic billing and payment platform to fulfill them:

  • Finding the solution to meet all of our customers’ requirements: 
  • If your customers are other businesses, will the system support the hierarchy of your accounts?  If your customers consume  services at various entities or locations, will they be able to access and manage billing in a single session or consolidated profile?  Transitioning to an eBilling platform may reveal new areas that aren't an issue when mailing physical billing documents.  Planning a billing process around the architecture of your accounting system is ideal and helpful to determine the right solution that's scaled to fit your specific needs.
  • Creating an e-billing ecosystem:  
  • Will the technology help drive utilization and streamline collections? Bringing customers on-board with e-billing tools is a critical component to reducing costs.  Electronic billing services should integrate seamlessly with your existing software and website, providing you (and your customers) with one access point from which to monitor and manage payment activity.  Integration improves the user experience, encourages engagement and helps build a network that boosts the revenue cycle and account receivables.
  • Increase visibility and control over account receivables:
  • Will you be able to easily track activity and collect data across payment channels? Does the eBilling platform offer tools to help you analyze what is working or what could work better?  Data can be powerful and a system that offers comprehensive analytic tools will help your business improve and grow.
  • Implementing or enhancing an electronic billing system can offer more than just financial benefits.  With the right technology and strategic approach, eBilling offers new avenues to improving satisfaction, increasing efficiencies and positioning an organization to truly thrive.
  •  iPayX offers a comprehensive online payment service with user-centric features that can integrate at varying levels with existing software to improve overall performance.  In addition to payment & billing tools, iPayX provides a Pure and Simple merchant processing solution that can reduce costs of payment acceptance with a simple, fixed rate pricing model.  Collectively, these services deliver savings that go straight to your bottom line.
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