Stop Breach In Its Tracks

You can stop PCI data breach even on a completely compromised workstation. How so, you ask? By using iPayX Card Cloaking services. Special hardware (with strong DUKPT encryption) reads cards and accepts key entry so your PC and keyboard are not exposed to data stealing malware. Defeat fraud and breaches with a multi-layered security service that protects your payment ecosystem and eliminates the risk of theft and loss.

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About us

iPayX (Internet Payment Exchange, Inc.) provides payment systems, electronic document delivery, and associated customer service solutions that complement and maximize a company’s internal systems and resources. Our technology services are found in hundreds of businesses including healthcare providers, utility companies, wholesale distributors, municipal governments, service providers and other organizations in 47 states. We annually process over a billion dollars in electronic payments.

‚ÄčInternet Payment Exchange, Inc. is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank.


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