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Since our founding in 1999, iPayX (Internet Payment Exchange, Inc.) has specialized in designing and offering the finest possible payment systems, electronic document delivery, and related customer service solutions. Our rapid growth and sterling reputation as a valued technology partner is based on highly successful payment solutions that complement existing accounting, HIS, and practice management software. From our Toledo, Ohio, headquarters, iPayX serves customers in 47 states and processes more than $2 billion in annual electronic payments. Our customers span a variety of industries including healthcare and service providers, utility companies, wholesale distributors, municipal governments, and other organizations.


Uncompromising Security

Our first priority is ensuring the highest possible standards of privacy and protection for personal and financial information. As a Certified PCI DSS Level 1 technology partner, iPayX is dynamically committed to top-tier policies and credentials, innovative technology, and rigorous employee training. In addition to in-depth, on-site inspections by a Qualified Security Assessor, we constantly scan for potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited. iPayX proudly offers the following security policies and credentials:


  • Certified PCI DSS Level 1 Payment Service Provider

The PCI Data Security Council provides an industry standard for developing a robust payment card data security process including detection, prevention and reaction. Level 1 is the highest available, designating a services provider approved to offer direct payment services to others. You may verify iPayX status on the Visa Certified Provider List. 


  • SSAE 16 Type II Compliant (formerly SAS 70)

SSAE 16 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16) is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Service organizations utilize this service to demonstrate to clients their internal data controls and security practices. iPayX's independent SSAE16 Type II Audit (formerly known as SAS 70 Type II) was conducted by Rehmann Associate, CPA.


  • Red Flags Rule and Identity Protection Practices

To govern the protection and measures taken to guard against identity theft, the Fair Trade Commission has passed a Red Flags Rule that applies to iPayX and all online bill payments. This rule mandates that businesses have a ‘playbook’ of reasonable policies and procedures to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. iPayX practices identity protection through a combination of access controls and notifications that confirm activity and send alerts of possible misuse of private information. iPayX also observes a strict Privacy Policy regarding the use of information we collect.


Privacy—Your Safety Matters

iPayX knows the critical importance of safeguarding the confidentiality of personal information, particularly with Internet payments. Take a moment to look over our Privacy Policy to understand how we use captured information.

Privacy Policy

I.  iPayX records email contact information strictly for internal use. We never sell or distribute personal information.

II. iPayX records your use of the system to the extent we are aware of—when, and from where, access occurs. We also maintain statistics on system use that help us plan better services and improve system performance.

III. iPayX relies on encrypted transmission (Secure Socket Layer - SSL) for all payment transactions. Advertising and informational notices are generally not encrypted.

IV. iPayX uses encrypted Adobe Acrobat PDF files when attaching your invoice to an email. You select the password for encryption, although we encourage complex passwords and will not permit a password that fails to meet minimum requirements. We encourage but do not require frequent password changes for added security.

VI. iPayX relies on cookies for internal use only, since they are required to maintain session information and improve performance.

V.  iPayX does not share cookies with any outside agency.

VI. iPayX carefully screens advertisers, since they frequently use tracking or profiling cookies. Advertiser cookies are never associated with any entered or displayed financial or personal health information (PHI).

VII. iPayX does not retain credit card information unless you specifically request us to do so. We do use audit trails to prove transactions, but these have a portion of the card number obliterated to maintain security. We also comply with government guidelines or laws protecting your privacy both now and in the future.



Founder Douglas Braun leads a management team of seasoned professionals with highly successful careers in financial services and IT industries. Doug began his career in banking then followed his entrepreneurial spirit, founding and eventually selling Braun Simmons, Inc., a firm that developed and installed home banking systems for financial institutions. Little wonder that iPayX has been setting an industry benchmark for growth and success since its launch in 1999. The company began in a class of its own based on Doug’s rare level of expertise in electronic payment and customer service solutions that offer superior security and functionality features.


What can iPayX do for you?

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About us

iPayX (Internet Payment Exchange, Inc.) provides payment systems, electronic document delivery, and associated customer service solutions that complement and maximize a company’s internal systems and resources. Our technology services are found in hundreds of businesses including healthcare providers, utility companies, wholesale distributors, municipal governments, service providers and other organizations in 47 states. We annually process over a billion dollars in electronic payments.

‚ÄčInternet Payment Exchange, Inc. is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank.


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